August Poly Home is a Forever Home - A Polystyrene Home Is Your ‘Forever Home

Designers, builders and architects always ask a client, when they are called in to assist with a new build or a renovation, is this a home you will flip or is this your forever home. When the client labels it as their forever home the decisions taken by the professionals will alter materially.

What Is Different About A Forever Home

When a client is building or renovating a home that they are going to sell, the designer or architect will design more sensitively towards the budget – less excavating, less “dream” materials, more function less form for example. You don’t want to install front doors that are made of gold, even though they are the most gorgeous doors you have ever laid eyes on.

These types of decisions are made throughout the building process. So, when it really is your forever home that you are building, you obviously want “forever” choices. Choice’s such as sunhoods and blade awnings, columns and capitols, and unique custom architectural mouldings and you have been desiring for years.

Is A Forever Home Going To Be Expensive?

In theory, yes, as you are choosing your dream items. Where you will save on the budget, is where you use polystyrene as decorative mouldings or within different exterior areas of the house. The polystyrene is combined with steel and in other cases, sandwiched between mesh. The wire mesh allows for concrete stucco to be easily sprayed onto the panels.

Polystyrene panels allow for much faster assembly of a wall than is possible using bricks or stone. Instead of assembling hundreds of blocks one at a time, the builder will secure lightweight panels, cut out any openings specified and trowel on stucco, not having to wait for plaster or mortar to dry.

And the material lasts! No leaching of concrete from walls into the soil. No bashing down walls in years to come, due to crumbling and being sent to landfill. This material is resistant to the sun, weather resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean, so not even that will destroy your dream.

By installing architectural mouldings to the exterior of your home, welcomes a layer of style, personality, and interest to your home. HPAM’s architectural mouldings provide a design focal point, by adding a unique style or finish to your home. Enhancing the look and feel instantly, giving it that little extra finish to your ‘forever home’.

Contact our helpful team of experts today, cause if you imagine it, we can create it! High Profile Architectural Mouldings is ready to assist you today in finding your forever home look! Contact us today at 07 5568 0036 or email us at for advice on how we can best help you in building your forever home.

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