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High Profile Architectural Mouldings was established to provide the building industry with the best exterior decorative mouldings in Australia.  Bringing together a team with vast experience in the moulding industry.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings can manufacture mouldings in all shapes and sizes, including window surrounds, soffits, parapets, gable features, sunhoods, arched beams, columns, capitals, facades and theming.  Commercial or residential, we can provide your building project with both cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, saving time and money.

We have chosen to use polyurethane coated polystyrene mouldings, as the CNC cut polystyrene offers custom profiles from your design without large additional cost.  The polyurethane hard coat is very durable, weatherproof, impact resistant and low maintenance.  This product has proven itself over the past fifteen years to be the best combination in creating:

-Weight reduction
-Rapid turn-around
-Custom profiles
-Easy installation

All manufactured to the highest quality.
Australian made product.

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