Architectual Columns For Your Home B.N - Architectural Columns For Your Home, How To Pick And Design Ideas

What is the difference between Batman and Bruce Wayne? One lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion while the former roughs it out in a cave (shhh, they’re not the same person). While it is refreshing to see the gadgets in his underground lair, it’s his elegant mansion that lets you know he’s monied. Your home can look just as classy as his without shelling out as much money as he did by… merely adding architectural columns can do the trick.

Along with polystyrene exterior mouldings, columns can increase your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out in the neighbourhood. Not only do architectural columns make your home look classy but also provide structural support to a second-floor balcony, a porch roof, and other additions to make your house look fantastic. Here are tips on how to pick the right column and which styles are popular right now.

How To Pick The Right One?

Architectural columns offer a variety of solutions in a house and are customisable into all types of shapes. But regardless, they tend to fall into two standard styles, one being round and the square. Most columns are used on the exterior of the house to provide structural support and design flair, but interior columns are rarely for structural purposes and just for aesthetics.

Square Columns

They can be plain or fluted, giving the column a ridged look. These columns can also have recessed or applied panels. A square column with applied panels has moulding or panelling applied to create a new look, while square columns with recessed panels have a built-in panel that is slightly depressed on each side.

Round Columns

This type of column supports your home’s exterior design and also enhances its appeal, combining it with the desired flare.  The column can be plain or fluted, and each can be with or without upper column being tapered. You can have fluted or plain columns that will maintain an equal circumference all the way. A classic tapered look where the upper column is a bit tapered in to makes it look narrow at the top than the base.

Interior Columns

These are primarily for aesthetics and rarely used as a support structure. They are round or square and plain, fluted or tapered. It all depends on the home’s design. Interior columns are usually made from drywall, while exterior columns are made incredibly strong hard coasted polystyrene and will last a lifetime.

These are just some ideas you can play around with when thinking about adding a little elegance and class to your home. For more information on columns or creative architectural mouldings, visit our website today.

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