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Any Google search of the acronym ‘EPS’ will get you a picture of this product but when it comes to what it is down to the technicalities, you may have a little trouble. We’re here to explain what this kind of mould is and why you want it in your home.

What Is Architectural EPS Cornice Mould?

To start off, EPS stands for expanded polystyrene. This is a versatile and core material used in the manufacture of our cornice moulds (an ornamental moulding that does goes around the upper part of an exterior wall) for its many beneficial and decorative properties.

Exterior decorative mouldings add a welcoming element of class and style to homes as a design focal point. The styling of these home additions depends on the aesthetic that you, the builder or home owner are looking for. These mouldings are used to outline and contour bases, architraves, arches plus other surfaces and edges. The mouldings chosen can display rhythmically repeated patterns or maintain a constant profile. It’s all up to your artistic vision!

The Benefits of EPS Mouldings

Aside from the obvious stylish benefits that these additions bring to the home, when it comes to the material benefits of the substance when it’s used in this way, there are many. One of them is the way that it can be moulded to create interesting architectural profiles. It allows fine detail to be sculpted to ensure a versatility and strength that not all materials can offer.

The moisture-resistant and lightweight nature of EPS makes it an ideal as it requires little to no maintenance and remains fixed when placed. These features make the mouldings safer to handle while also highly durable.

From new, the flexibility of these mouldings can make your architectural dream home styling come true, it’s also a bonus that with our product change is easily possible to achieve, whether you want to add or create something new, you won’t have to worry about additions which makes it so good when the time comes to redecorate.

If you’re looking to learn more about this wonder material or if you’re already sold on the idea, check out HPAM, for the best architectural mouldings around. Contact us today at (07) 5568 0036 or and ask the experts about your mouldings.