MAY 2020 Best WindowTrim Ideas - Best Window and Trim Ideas For Your Home

Window trims are an important piece of the design puzzle of your home’s overall exterior look, and windows themselves complete any home’s design. From the exterior, windows affect the style of your entire home and have a direct influence on your home’s curb appeal.

Many homeowners place their focus solely toward the interior design element of their house, focusing on the view from inside the home. But what about the exterior design of their windows? Street appeal can add thousands to your home’s value. Exterior windows of a home deserve the same amount of attention, if not more. Whether your trims are made of lightweight polystyrene or other material, or your rocking a home with boasts bay, clerestory or contemporary windows, one thing is evident – the combination of them both can impact the entire look and feel of the exterior of your home.

Why Windows and Trim Go Hand-In-Hand

When we are attending to the interior side of the windows in our home, window coverings are a popular solution often looked to by homeowners. Shift your focus to the exterior windows on your property and only one solution comes to mind – trim. Trim is designed to frame your exterior windows, accentuating their dimension and their definition while creating room to experiment with style and design. You may find yourself surprised by how much the quality and design of your windows and trim affect the aesthetic of your home. For assistance in inspiration for your home design ventures, take a look at the best window and trim ideas to try on your home in 2020.

Take A Gander at Design Continuation 

Design continuation is the technique of using the trim on your house as a design element by using trim that is one shade darker than the colour of your home. This technique adds dimension and detail to your home’s exterior and creates a feeling of continuity and unified style as the trim transforms into an extension of the rest of the house’s facade and while the windows appear to fit neatly into the home’s design.

Keep It Classic 

Nothing beats a classic and this is more evident than ever when you consider classic, understated trim. Cleaner, more classic styles have been found to support the aesthetic of some architectural styles more than modern, old window trims. Cladding your windows in clean and simple, white trim that matches the clean lines of the rest of your home creates an elegant and understated form and beauty to your home.

Any Good Home Should Consist of Layers

Layering your exterior window trim promotes the reflection of the life and charm of any home. This technique adds size and dimensions to your exterior windows instead of simply framing them. This can draw attention to the other details of your home’s exterior design and showcases the unique beauty of your home.

Windows and trims are a crucial, life-giving aspect of your home. We are the builder’s choice in modern and traditional exterior mouldings from Brisbane, Gold Coast and down through Northern NSW. Contact us at High Profile Architectural Mouldings today for a quote on high quality, creative and imaginative window and trim, decorative moldings and trim solutions.

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