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We are all quite tired of COVID this and COVID that. A holiday in Bali is definitely what we all need, or anywhere that is not still on the Gold Coast as many are of us are beginning to feel coastal cabin fever.

However, luckily for you our team at HPAM have found a way to get around this.  Our solution is that, if you can’t go to Bali then use the money that you’ve saved up for the holiday to bring some Bali to your home.  We recommend investing in exterior decor and architecture so every day can feel like a holiday. It can be as simple as premium decorative beading and the best thing about this is that the experience will last for more than 10 days!

What Is Bali Style?

The architectural design and styling for Balinese homes is driven by spiritual concepts first, before aesthetic or engineer rules. The design will include considerations for higher places for gods to dwell (perfect for all you godesses), then a neutral place or neutral levels will be defined for human occupation and lastly the Nista (leg) areas where the naughty forces will reside. We wonder if we would call that the man cave nowadays.

A characteristic of the exterior architecture is the detailing, the mature sculptural elements and decorative elements as the society is profoundly artistic.

This creates a softer, layered aesthetic to the building, making it very welcoming and, literally, relaxing you as you walk up to it. Compare that to walkup up to a concrete-shuttered home with black steel frames.

What Materials Are Used?

The materials used must be or must look like natural materials like wood-look non-timber decking or EPS based trimmings, beadings and mouldings painted in timber colours or as accent colours to underlying timber panelling.

Detailing, layering and decorating is key to the softening.

A Balinese home entrance has a double door, of timber, which is surrounded by decorated carved panels. This might be too “heavy” for your existing home design so it can be toned down to combinations of mouldings and beadings. For more elegant finishes it quite acceptable to paint it or, for a big statement, gild it.

You will also find lots of small timber screen walls around the exterior and interior which have decorative panelling where they connect to the walls at a perpendicular angle. You use these screens as dividers on verandahs or garden division areas perpendicular to your perimeter wall. This will create a / Balinese feel with the foliage all around these little peaceful retreat areas.

Again, a mix of mouldings and beading can be used as a contemporary interpretation of this. EPS mouldings and beadings are cost-effective, durable, weather-resistant, lightweight to work with and easily painted or plastered.  Check out our custom designs for some inspiration.

Balinese Walls

As with the main spiritual design of the house, the walls have a thicker base, a lighter main middle area and a wider coping along the top of the wall. This wider coping is seen as a protective measure of the gods over the middle section.

The wider coping can be retrofitted using combinations of architectural mouldings and beadings as well, flaring outwards slightly under the eaves.

The opportunities are endless with EPS components with the added bonus of being fast to produce and fast to deliver, and so light that installing is quicker. At High Profile Architectural Mouldings, they will supply you with custom made architectural mouldings to bring your Bali dreams to life throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane region!

It’s time to Bring Bali Home! These tips can get your creative juices flowing but contact us for more help. High Profile Architectural Mouldings are the experts in home exteriors on the Gold Coast.

Get in touch with the team at or call 07 5568 4220 to find out how much Bali we can bring to you with mouldings premium decorative beadings and your customised requests.