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Cornices have been around for centuries, and have evolved with the times. These days, with the invention of different moulding profiles and materials for cornices, cornices offer homeowners a myriad of ways to enhance their home aesthetically.

What is a Cornice?

If you don’t know what a cornice is, you will know when you see one. A cornice is a decorative moulding element that are found at the top of an exterior wall, just under the roof line. While today they are usually decorative pieces, they were originally designed by the Greeks to assist with rainwater run-off, where their cornices graced the top of columns connecting other buildings.

Enhance your Home with an Exterior Cornice Moulding.

Cornice moulding profiles come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. They provide an innovative way, which many homeowners do not even know about, to glam up your home. They can be used on the outside façade of your home to create a statement or used more subtly on the inside of your home.

Take Proportion into Consideration.

When deciding on which moulding profile you want for the cornices for your home, the proportions will all depend on the wall dimensions and the décor you already have used for your home exterior. It should flow cohesively with the current aesthetic.

Our Moulding Profiles for Cornices.

At High Profile Architectural Mouldings, we can make your design dreams come true with our wide range of different moulding profiles for cornices. We offer both traditional and contemporary styles to suit your individual taste.

We create polystyrene architectural mouldings and are very pleased with the results that this material offers. It is hard coated, completely shockproof and is light. This material allows us to provide a wide range of other decorative mouldings and trims in addition to our cornice mouldings.

Looking for a company that offers a range of high-quality moulding profiles for exterior cornice molding? Look no further than High Profile Architectural Mouldings to take care of all your design needs. Our expert team is on-hand to help so give us a call now at (07) 5568 0036 or contact us at