Wood EPS - Exterior Carved Decorative Wood Mouldings That Are Made From Hard-Coated EPS

Have you ever considered adding exterior carved decorative wood moulding to your home?  If so, then consider adding one that is made from lightweight hard-coated EPS, and look just like wood carvings! The hard-coated EPS is waterproof, making it the perfect protected addition for the exterior of your home. 

A Wide Range Of Different Carved Decorative Mouldings

Hard-coated EPS is a material which allows for a number different mouldings. The range of uses and the number of products that can be made from the material is endless. Mouldings can be made for sun hoods, architectural mouldings, window trimmings and columns among others. The technology involved allows for custom designs to be made so that they can be matched to the existing theming and styling of your homes’ exterior.

This allows you as a homeowner to express your individual style and add effective accents to your home with no limitations.

Different Elements Used To Enhance Exterior

Exterior hard-coated EPS mouldings can be used to give your home a bit of a ‘facelift’. These mouldings can completely modernise and transform the look of your home, as well as add protection to the exterior structure of your home.

Trimmings, columns and architectural mouldings can elevate the entire look and feel of your home.  For more information or some inspiration click here.

The Problem With Wood When It Comes To External Structures 

Many homeowners may argue that wood has a classic look and is durable when it comes to external finishings. The truth is that wood has many issues when it comes to any outdoor accessories and is definitely not as durable as one may think.

Unless the wood is sealed impeccably well, which is often hard to do, rain can penetrate the wood, causing it to swell, grow mould and even disintegrate altogether over time. The other issue with wood is that it is flammable and in the case of a fire, any wooden structures would only feed the flames.

Wood also generally experiences a lot of wear and tear. It often cracks, scratches and is prone to sun damage, even if it has been treated correctly.

Wood is heavy! When securing wood in vertical structures and overhangs, it can take a lot of time, patience and expertise to ensure that it is hung up correctly, and in a way that will stay.

All in all, wood is considered quite outdated for trimmings and ornamental pieces…and this is where hard-coated EPS comes in.

The Solution: Hard-Coated EPS 

Hard-coated EPS solves a lot of the issues that wooden structures present. Polystyrene is non-flammable, and in fact, the EPS that we use is actually fire-resistant, which may act as a barrier in the case of a fire.

The fact that this material is lightweight allows you to do so much more when it comes to external ornamental mouldings. Hard-coated EPS is also built for the outdoors and can withstand rain, sunlight and the other harsh weather conditions we face in Australia.

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