MAY 2020 Exterior Moulding Ideas - Exterior Moulding Ideas for Your Home!

While many people overlook the value of the exterior moulding on their house, it remains one of the most valuable aspects of your window design as it acts as a blank canvas for creativity and decor inspiration and spontaneity. This combined with the curb appeal created when exterior moulding is done right, reminds us that it is truly the littlest details that make the biggest difference in the value and overall appeal of your home.

No matter what the size, shape and location of your home, we have three exterior moulding ideas for you to try, to add a bit of extra style and flare to your home’s exterior aesthetic, while making reliable and cost-effective decisions that benefit your home.

  1. Branch Out – Timber Is Not Your Only Option!

Timber and many other wood options, including composite options, are the classic choice for homeowners in regard to material for their exterior moulding. The natural look and feel can be a major selling point but as quality wood products become an increasingly scarcer resource, the price of wood as a material has been increasing drastically. Instead of following the herd, many companies now offer modern alternatives to timber moulding such as lightweight polystyrene options. Using different materials for your exterior design can set your house apart from those surrounding it and may even end up saving you a pretty penny.

  1. Use Colour to Amplify and Personalise the Effect of Your Exterior Moulding!

Do not be fooled, when it comes to colour options for your exterior decorative moldings, you are not limited in the slightest. With the choice between high or low contrast, monochromatic finishes, neutral tones and bold colour options and various paint styles, the possibilities for design and customisation can be considered endless! Your imagination can be turned into a beautiful creation! Gone are the days where it was considered an unspoken rule that the exterior moulding of your house should not venture far from the tried and true black, white and grey colour palettes. Using bold colours, you can add a pop of colour to your exterior aesthetic in a subtle, yet effective way and using textured painting techniques can add dimension and personality to your home.

  1. You May Want to Think About a Maintenance Plan for the Future!

When it comes to the exterior health and care of your home, it is always a good idea to have an estimated maintenance plan on your agenda for the foreseeable future as in order to maintain your home’s value and as we mentioned before, ‘curb appeal’, consistent upkeep of your exterior aesthetic needs to be one of your top priorities. Touching up the paint or changing the colour and texture of your exterior moulding every couple of years can not only give a new life and feel to your home in an easy and simple way but it ensures that you prolong the life and beauty of your home for many years to come.

At High Profile Architectural Mouldings we know that it is the little things in life that make a difference and so we are dedicated to taking our customer’s imagination and turn it into creation so that you can personalise your home and keep it as beautiful as the day you moved in.

We are the builder’s choice in modern and traditional exterior architectural columns mouldings from Brisbane, Gold Coast and down through Northern NSW. Contact us today at 0755 680 036 or at for more information.

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