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This year is coming to an end and what a year it has been!  Around this time, many people start coming up with resolutions or setting goals they want to achieve in the coming year. For some these may be about personal development and include eating healthy, doing more exercise, or even taking time to meditate. For others these goals may be to finally get around to doing things like sprucing up your home. The latter is something the team at High Profile Architectural Mouldings specialise in. If a house lift fits into your New Year’s resolution, then consider installing exterior window trim mouldings to enhance your homes curb appeal.

When people renovate the inside of their homes, they usually consider every aspect of the space meaning the trim around the window is automatically included in their new design. However, when it comes to the outside of their homes, it’s a bit of a different story. This may be because, usually, the entirety of the house’s exterior isn’t all redone at the same time, rather slowly and bit by bit. In most cases, homeowners tend to focus on things like cladding and painting, installing a new roof or redoing their driveway first. Installing fancy trim around the window’s isn’t really at the top of the ‘Outside of House Renovation Priority List’. For some homeowners it didn’t even make the list, it may not have even crossed their mind.

The Benefits of Window Trim

On the most basic level, trim is fundamental to any exterior design. Why? Because it covers the edges between the window and the siding of the house. It protects the house and stops the elements from getting inside. So, if a building has windows, best believe it has trim around them. But it serves more than just a functional purpose. Trim can also do wonders for enhancing the aesthetical appeal of a house. It can accentuate the windows, add tasteful contrast, enhance the architectural design or existing theme of a house, or highlight the original charm and heritage of a property.

Trim Style

Just like most things in life, with window trim there’s no one size fits all approach so it’s important that you choose a style of trim that matches your home. For example, if you have an old-fashioned or traditional looking home, a colonial window trim might complement its existing design. This has a slight flare and makes the windows of your home appear wider at the top. There is also the cottage-style trim which has a bit of depth and looks similar to a picture frame. It suits a variety of homes like bungalows or ranch looking houses. Another style is design continuation. Who said the trim has to start and stop at the window? It can also be used to add character to an otherwise bland exterior by creating a pattern over the houses facade. Window trim can also be designed to look like false shutters to make the windows of your house stand out and seem bigger. This style also suits a wide range of different homes.

Another important element to consider is colour. White trim is the most common and suits almost any style of home. If you are in doubt, just remember you can’t really go wrong with white. It adds contrast against houses with a darker or coloured façades but also nicely matches lighter siding colours. In saying this, coloured trim can also be very complimentary to some homes. For example, if you have a white, Hamptons style beach house, adding a blue trim would add to the aesthetic look.

hpam 150x150 - Exterior Window Trim Mouldings For Your Home.

Since there are so many different colours and styles to choose from this can sometimes be very overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, the team here at HPAM have years of experience and are happy to help you through this decision-making process. For all your architecturally designed home exterior needs and installations on the Gold Coast, High Profile Architectural Mouldings can assist you with designer creations. Contact us today at or call us at 07 5568 0036.


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