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If you’ve ever wondered about how durable expanded polystyrene is and what elements or substances can affect it, keep reading. This blog uncovers a few interesting facts about this amazingly versatile material. At the same time, we look into the degradation mechanism of EPS. So, when you think about going that extra mile for your house and its personality, you don’t have to worry about it crumbling to the ground three months down the road because of a recent storm.

Temperature Resistance

Expanded polystyrene is virtually indestructible, and temperatures don’t make much of an impact on its structural integrity either. It will retain its shape and condition anywhere between minus 50 and 100 degrees Celsius. So, no need to worry about harsh summer weather or frosty winter temperatures! Whether its sitting under harsh sun rays on a hot forty-nine degree day, or covered in snow in a minus ten degree day, expanded polystyrene mouldings are built to last. Which is why HPAM has a 7-year guarantee for strength and durability on its mouldings.

Sunlight Exposure

Although EPS is mostly indestructible by strong temperatures, long-term exposure to sunlight due to photodegradation will discolour and eventually powderise the outer layer of the material. That is why we coat all our products with a protective compound called polyurethane elastomer. Coating the mouldings in a hard-coated exterior will keep the EPS completely guarded against sunlight damage, sealing it from harsh elements such as constant sunlight exposure.

Water Damage

Thanks to its non-hygroscopic characteristic, EPS is entirely waterproof and resistant to moisture due to the hard coating and finish of polyurethane elastomer. You won’t have to worry about material swelling or having it rot over time, as you would with wood. It also doesn’t attract natural organisms like mould and other unwanted organic growth that typically collects in shady or wet areas. It can be rain, hail or shine outside, and the mouldings will continue to last. Providing a resistance from extreme or mild weather conditions, continuing to provide your house a unique finish that won’t degrade or need constant maintenance.

Now that you better understand how extensive the lifetime durability of expanded polystyrene is, most would agree that it’s a smart investment to improve your home or business. The added benefit, as compared to other materials that suffer rust damage and organic deterioration, is that there is no upkeep needed to keep it in excellent condition. Admire your property and it’s added personality and stylish finish with a helping hand from HPAM!

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