Modern Sunhoods - Modern Sun Hoods: Their Shapes And How They Enhance A Home

When it comes to accessorising your home, sun hoods are great additions. These can be statement pieces and they come in a variety of shapes and styles. Here at High Profile Architectural Mouldings, we understand the importance of knowing the latest trends, which is why we have compiled a list of modern sun hood shapes and how they can enhance your home.

Don’t know What Sun Hoods Are: A Quick Explanation

A popular method of protecting windows and doorways are sun hoods and canopy awnings. These are mounted to the wall above the opening and extend outwards to provide sufficient protection. Not only do these protect the openings of buildings, but they also offer an elegant and functional solution to commercial properties, as well as, welcoming visuals and style to any home.

Modern Sunhood Styles And Shapes

Hoods and canopies such as the ones named below come in a variety of different styles and shapes to ensure that you achieve the look that you want.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings offer different finishes, colours and textures from which you can choose from. This vast selection assists you in matching the favoured sun hood to the current look of your home or the future vision that you have of your home. The addition of a moulding polystyrene sun hood, window sun hood or blade awnings to buildings will yield several benefits for you – aesthetically and functionally.

These property additions are also visually interesting elements that one can add to the exterior of the home because they add character and transform a dull or ordinary-looking structure into one with character. And house exteriors need personality, don’t they?

Eyelid Canopy For Vintage Homes

  • Vintage appeal
  • Looks like an eye blinking, hence the name
  • Elliptical or rounded

French Canopy For French-Style Home Or Contemporary Commercial Buildings

  • Excellent for commercial applications
  • The angled edge of the triangle faces outwards
  • Right-angled and triangular

Dutch Hood For Properties With Character

  • A traditional and contemporary look
  • Huge range of colours and designs
  • A rounded front with flat sides

Cost-Effective, Easy-To-Install Sun Hoods Benefits

While being beautiful and stylish, which is a benefit in itself; modern sun hoods enhance your home in other ways. Two of the significant advantages are listed below, however, there are loads more pros to these sun hoods which you should check out.

  1. Sun hoods boost your property value as well as speed up the sale of your house, given that they catch the eye of your buyer and showcase your home in a beautiful, more appealing light.
  2. Modern sun hoods also improve the energy rating of your home as they provide window openings with additional shade. They are the smart choice for bringing in more natural light while enhancing the energy rating of your commercial or residential property.

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