Polystyrene Custom Theming

Did you know that Polystyrene can be used to create anything? In fact, we have created props and theming for Movies including a Blockbuster film (Which we need to keep a secret) and the local theme parks right here on the Gold Coast. Polystyrene is best known for what it can do to improve the exterior of your home such as sunhoods and letter boxes to columns and capitols, but what you may not know about us is that it can be used for any style of theming.


Themes For Movies

In this day and age, it is pretty well known that the green screen is a movie set’s best friend. But to make things look realistic, you still need some things in the foreground. That’s where we come in! We create and hard coat the moulding which then gets sent off to be painted. Just to give you an idea of how this works, check out the pictures below of the awesome eagle we made.
1hpam 150x150 - Polystyrene Custom Theming 2hpam 150x150 - Polystyrene Custom Theming 3hpam 150x150 - Polystyrene Custom Theming


What Else Can You Use Theming For?

It doesn’t end with all the fame and glamour of movie sets. Our themed mouldings can also be used in places such as shopping centres, schools, zoo’s, restaurants, museums, resorts, casinos and even airports. As a matter of fact, you may have already seen some of our creations around without even knowing! The best part about the mouldings is their durability, they can withstand the harsh weather conditions and are water resistant. This means they are a perfect option for any outdoor or indoor space, for personal use at home or any set design you want for business use. 4hpam 150x150 - Polystyrene Custom Theming


Bring Theming To your Home

Do you want to go to that next level when the holidays come around? Well, we are the ones who can help you do that! Do you want to get super spooky for Halloween? We can create skulls, pumpkins, and witch hats! Or maybe you want to get extra Merry this Christmas! We can create words, snowflakes and even Christmas trees for your front yard! Guess who will have the best decorations in the neighbourhood?

5hpam 150x150 - Polystyrene Custom Theming 6hpam 150x150 - Polystyrene Custom Theming 7hpam 150x150 - Polystyrene Custom Theming

The Bottom Line

To put things simply: If you can imagine it, then we can create it! If you want some theming done – we can do it! If you want some custom mouldings made – we can do it. Do you want sun hoods, columns or even a new custom-made letter box – we can do it! Don’t hold back, embrace your creative side, and bring your imagination to life.


High Profile Architectural Mouldings was established in 2008 and has been supplying the building industry with the best exterior decorative mouldings in Australia.  Bringing together a team of specialists with vast experience in the moulding industry to provide your project with both cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, saving time and money.


We have chosen to use polyurethane coated polystyrene mouldings, as the CNC cut polystyrene offers custom profiles from your design without large additional cost. We have a highly skilled team who can custom design anything you desire. Contact us today at info@highprofilemouldings.com.au or call us at 07 5568 0036.

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