Spruce up your home exterior this summer - Spruce Up Your Home Exterior This Summer!

The pandemic has knocked most of us out of our usual loop, but there is a way to keep busy during this time of self-isolation and travel bans. So, while you can’t sunbake in Hawaii, you can take that little extra time to think about your house with some TLC! Life can get busy so why not kick start a personal project and upgrade the exterior of your home whether it’s a new paint job or adding unique mouldings for a special touch. We’re here to run through the ways that you can give your home’s exterior a little TLC!

Here are our top exterior home improvement investments to raise your property’s value:

  1. Update the Landscaping

Improving the lighting in your yard, introducing hardscaping, installing an outdoor living area, growing flowers and plants, mowing the lawn and removing clutter from the yard all contribute to a return on investment on your property.

  1. Install Architectural Mouldings

These are minor improvements which will earn you a more aesthetically pleasing look as well as higher property values. Architectural mouldings are design elements that enhance any space, elevating exteriors with a unique sense of style. Mouldings are sometimes overlooked, but they can tie together a home visually.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings offers an expansive range of traditional and custom architectural cornices and mouldings, décor mouldings and more which transform buildings with added accents, boosting their personality and overall appearance.

Polystyrene architectural mouldings are the recommended material, as they are hard coated, shockproof and has minimal weight to it. It is an inherently stable material that allows for unmatched decorative exterior trims and mouldings, for any design requirement that our clients desire.

  1. Add Architectural Columns & Capitols

If you have decided to introduce an air of timelessness to your home, columns and capitals are a classic architectural feature used all around the world throughout history. Not only are these the perfect architectural additions to any home, but they also offer structural support and an aesthetic that is difficult to achieve elsewhere. Whether you are gearing up to sell or want to put your best foot forward and invest in your home, these home improvements will have a positive impact on the look and value of your home.

It’s time to invest in your home, and these tips offer a great place to start. High Profile Architectural Mouldings are the expert in home exteriors on the Gold Coast. Get in touch with the team at info@highprofilemouldings.com.au or call us at 07 5568 4220 to find out more about how we can add to your property’s value.

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