architectural ornamental mouldings

There are many misconceptions about this. Both architectural mouldings can be installed above walls or in a decorative manner; however, cornice has a historical background.

Today, both decorative mouldings play a huge role in architectural and exterior design but have different aesthetic functions.

Cornice Mouldings

Cornice mouldings find their popularity from horizontal structures, often used for decorative purpose, in ancient Greek buildings. They were primarily used to direct rainwater, much like gutters do.

These exterior cornice mouldings are fitted on the top columns where buildings connect and protrude from the structure.

Here comes the catch. Cornice architecture mouldings are placed horizontally connecting structures that cap the top part of a wall or other architectural buildings. If you’re familiar with crown mouldings, you might confuse the two. This is because these decorative mouldings are now installed inside buildings and residential properties in the same manner as crown mouldings.

Examples Of Exterior Cornice In Architecture

We mentioned their functions and where they were fitted many years ago, today you will find cornice mouldings as decorative features on facades of buildings.

Banks, government buildings and other office buildings often use these architectural mouldings with ornamental cornice designs.

What About Residential Buildings?

Modern homes feature cornice moulding in the exterior design. The architectural elements of cornice can also be found in the facade of residential buildings maintaining their original decorative nature and function, making them beneficial for directing water away from buildings.

They are elegant and elaborate decorative pieces fit for modern homes.

What Is Exterior Crown Moulding?

Exterior crown molding is a brilliant way to dress up the outside of your house for a relatively low cost. … You should think of exterior crown molding as the icing on a cake; it adds that final touch that completes the look of the home. Exterior crown molding can be modest and stylish on a modern brick home, or intricately detailed for a Victorian style home.

If you’re looking for decorative crown moulding or architectural cornice moulding, speak to us at HPAM.

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