What is Architectural Moulding?

What is architectural moulding and why should you use it on your home or office exterior?

Architectural Moulding is a lightweight, durable alternative to stone, plaster, brick, and wood. It is exceptionally durable and can be custom designed to suit your needs. 

Architectural Mouldings are used to cover transitions between surfaces as well as to build lightweight structures such as sunhoods and columns. It is hard coated for exterior use, enabling it to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

The team at HPAM specialise in creating custom profiles, whether it’s eye-catching exterior wall panels, column casings, awnings, or a simple letterbox. With a 7-year guarantee, High Profile Mouldings can bring character and personality to the exterior of your home, without a costly renovation bill. 

High Profile Architectural Mouldings range will transform your home, available in traditional and modern finishes to match any design and make your vision come to life.  

Our architectural mouldings are made from light weight and highly durable polystyrene that is hard coated for superior performance. Hard coating is applied in layers to toughen and prevent corrosion, wear and tear and maintain its appearance. 

Mouldings are sculpted or cut from expanded polystyrene using sophisticated technology. The expanded polystyrene is then coated with a polyurethane elastomer, providing a hard exterior, protecting the material from the elements. 

High Profile Architectural Mouldings can last a lifetime if used under normal conditions, as opposed to other coatings can have a short lifespan. The team at High Profile Architectural Mouldings meticulously coat every design ensuring an even and long-lasting product.  

Customise external areas of your building using cladding and enrichments made lightweight polystyrene. Lightweight, versatile, and capable of reproducing the look of many materials, we can cover the whole façade or mould decorative elements to your exact requirements. 

Discover how High Profile Architectural Mouldings can improve the look and feel of your property. Visit our website today or give us a call on (07) 5568 0036

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