Sun Hoods

If you’re looking for a new way to improve your home, consider installing architectural sunhoods! Not only do these fantastic architectural mouldings add an element of style and design to the exterior of your home, but they can also save you money on your power bill and any external damage to your windows from the elements.

Problem: Hot Australian Summer

We all know how hot the days can get in summer on the Gold Coast and just in case you need a reminder, let me paint a picture for you. Sweat dripping, aircon on overdrive, heart skipping a beat when you receive the power bill.

Solution: Sunhoods

Installing a 1.2m sunhood above your windows will do wonders for keeping your house cool in summer. How so? Well, instead of having the sun beaming into your house all day, the architectural sunhoods will create shade, reducing the amount of sun that enters your home. This means your aircons won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And for an added bonus, this shade will also mean less UV rays entering your home allowing for less damage to your furniture, windows, floors and most importantly skin.


Problem: Exterior of Home Looking Plain and Lacking Style

So, you’ve splurged on homewares, purchased some modern art, renovated your kitchen or even gone the extra mile by hiring an interior designer and, the inside of your home is looking stylish. But what about the curb appeal outside?

Solution: Sunhoods

Sunhoods can be designed to be aesthetic external decorative mouldings which add authenticity to your home. They give definition to the exterior windows and walls of your house giving it character. With such a large variety of colours, textures and styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You could add a vintage touch with rounded Eyelid Canopy style sun hoods, giving your home a European inspired charm. Or you could create a look that’s more modern with a French Canopy style, featuring straight lines and rectangular elements.

Did you know you can make sunhoods with Polystyrene? Hard Coated Expanded Polystyrene. Here at High Profile Architectural Mouldings, we use EPS to make sunhoods. Why? Well, this material is strong and highly durable (which is needed to withstand the Australian climate). It is light making it easy to install, saving costs on labour and scaffold hire. Additionally, the properties of EPS make the material easy to cut and mould. This makes it possible for the team at HPAM to create sunhoods which match the existing theme of your home or customize designs to make your visions come to life. Discover how architectural mouldings can improve the look and feel of your property. Visit our website today give us a call on (07) 5568 0036

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