Why Pick Polystyrene Over Wood B.D - Why Polystyrene is a Better Option for All Carved Decorative Wood Mouldings

Carved decorative wood moulding refers to decorative pieces of architecture that can be added to the external elements of your home to give it a unique and personalised look. Obviously, these mouldings are often made from wood.

Here at High Profile Architectural Mouldings, we are proud to use polystyrene for our mouldings which is far are a great alternative and incredibly long lasting compared to timbers or metals. We have chosen to use polyurethane-coated polystyrene mouldings, as the polyurethane hard coat is very durable and is a quality product.

But our reasons for foregoing the use of timber and the sort for our mouldings goes beyond just these reasons. Want to know why we don’t use timber as the go-to for decorative moulding?

The Downside To Wood

First off, timber is an incredibly heavy material that is difficult to work with and extremely hard to install not to mention, costly to get when good quality is required. Over and above this, most timbers are prone to pests, termites and fungi, and therefore need to be protected. Failure to supply this protection could mean a shorter lifespan of the timber.

The quality of timber also depends on the environmental conditions of the locality, the maturity of the tree, the process of preservation and time of felling.

Since timber is flammable, it also means that it is extremely susceptible to becoming a fire hazard, making it a safety concern, and making it easy to scuff, damage, crack or decay. Timber can even bend over time if not maintained with costly preservatives, and the hassle to keep this maintenance up can be both time consuming and expensive.

Timber is indeed a beautiful material to use but has many disadvantages. We can design and create the same carved decorative mouldings that you’ve seen made from timber, using hard-coated polystyrene instead!

Why We Use Polystyrene for All Our Mouldings

Polystyrene is an in-expensive product. Its secure, light and is used as packing all over the world. Polystyrene is rigid, light and very easy to cut, shape and mould.

In addition, polystyrene is a non-toxic and odourless and when compared to the lifetime cost to maintain the wood, is extremely affordable, low maintenance and easy to install.

The very nature of these properties mentioned above means that the process to produce polystyrene and our decorative mouldings out of it is much easier, cheaper and quicker and not only does this translate into savings in carbon emissions during the production process, but also cost savings that we can pass onto you to enjoy.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings supplies and manufactures decorative polystyrene mouldings (as an alternative to carved decorative wood mouldings) to suit your needs and designs at the most competitive prices. Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW we are the trusted go to company for the build builders. Why not find out why today.

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