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What is your favourite architectural style? Architecture can be a label for many things, it can be a physical representation of a movement, a commemoration, a purely functional design, a celebration and more. Because of this, there are an abundance of styles, sizes and shapes that form buildings. As busy as art has been over the years, this architecture has been just as altered. Here is a breakdown of the different styles and shapes to help inspire you.

Grouped by their styles, there are several different shapes that you can use in the building of your home to improve aesthetics and create the aura you prefer.

Tudor – Arches, Triangles and Diamonds

1 150x150 - Architectural Shape and Style Ideas to Inspire2 150x150 - Architectural Shape and Style Ideas to Inspire

Without going too far down the rabbit hole, named after the Tudor period in English history, this style is associated with triangles, diamonds, and arches. These shapes mixed were used in abundance during that stage in history and is often paired with mullioned windows, tall chimneys, and steep gabled roofs.

Having a home designed with this influence will look like it has been inspired by Goth and Renaissance influences.

Arts and Crafts – Diverse, Asymmetrical, and Multi-Textured

3 150x150 - Architectural Shape and Style Ideas to Inspire

To paint a picture, during the late 19th century when industrialisation and mass production was threatening traditional arts and craftsmanship, this architectural style was born. Taking inspiration from medieval architecture, this style displayed time-honored skills that many at the time were afraid would be lost.

Strong structure and form are notable features in this style. A focus on skilled additions and multi-faceted styling make up this architectural look.

Goth – Vertical, Arches and Pointed Spires

4 150x150 - Architectural Shape and Style Ideas to Inspire

Think dramatic flair and a striking look, that is the Gothic atmosphere for you. The complicated patterns and ornate carvings are just two of the aesthetics that make up this unique style. Commonly associated with medieval Europe, this era brought the Gothic look to architecture in many important buildings like cathedrals and churches. This aura of importance was also brought into homes and it’s been a favourite ever since.

This style brings with it a focus on the vertical and wide variance of materials. Other features that you can add to your home if you are feeling inspired by this are the pointed windows and arches that bring the decorative statements into focus.

Other great sources of inspiration include the art deco, modern, and post-modern movements. When designing your dream home, from the actual structure to the mouldings, these are great sources of inspiration that you can draw from.

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