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Superior Hard Coat Materials on The Gold Coast

Hard Coatings are thin layers of hardened materials which enhance the durability of a surface and prevent corrosion and wear and tear on various building surfaces. Hard coating is more consistent than soft coating is as it provides a higher level of wavelength absorption.

Here at High Profile Architectural Mouldings we are the preferred builders’ choice for hard coating in the area. We are modern in our approach, and innovative in bringing our client’s building dreams to fruition.  Located on the Gold Coast, Australia; we service the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas and provide a truly sophisticated building experience. We use lightweight materials as opposed to the more traditional heavy building materials such as timber or cement moulding.

Our decorative mouldings are sculpted or cut from expanded polystyrene using computerised technology for unique and creative designs.The expanded polystyrene is then coated with a polyurethane elastomer.This provides a hard-coated exterior that helps protect the material from the elements and corrosion and builds damage resistance.  There are a few benefits to hard coating, we take a look at a few of them below:

  • Hard coating can last a lifetime if used under normal operating conditions as opposed to soft coating which has a life span of one to five years.
  • Our expert team of technician can accurately and meticulously coat every inch of the design ensuring even and long-lasting hard coasting.

If you are looking for professional architectural services that provide designs from scratch then High Profile Architectural Moulding is the right fit for your architectural needs. We also specialise in drawing, cutting and coating mouldings and are well prepared for the anticipated needs of our clients. Our service is comprehensive in that we are ready to supply, deliver and install on-site. We are trusted suppliers of many of the large home building companies such as Clarendon Homes, G.J Gardner, and Style Master, to name a few. Call us for more information and start your journey of building your dream today!