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Stunning Letterbox Architectural Designs

When planning the finer details of a home, most prospective homeowners forget about the integral role a letterbox plays in making a house a home. Letterboxes are the safe space for your private mail and otherwise semi-sensitive documents that may be sent via post and deposited into your mailbox. It would make sense to have a letterbox constructed with the safety of your mail and private letters in mind. Aesthetics also plays a significant role in constructing a letterbox that compliments your home. You can use the colour of your exterior walls or the theme and feel of your garden as a reference point for having a letterbox architecturally designed. This is where we at High Profile Architectural Mouldings come in. We can assist you with bespoke letterbox designs, customised to suit your home in the most of fitting of ways.

Different Letterbox Styles

There are a many different styles that you can choose from for your home. One would obviously need to take into consideration the function and form of the letterbox. Say goodbye to Wooden, Tin or Metallic letterboxes, and create a letterbox or Integrated Fence / Wall-mounted letterbox with style.

The above are but a few examples of the various materials and styles that can be used. Outside elements also play a role in the deciding factor of the types of materials that should be used to construct a letterbox. Taking into consideration the weather elements it will be exposed to is a great way to help guide you in deciding on the correct materials to use when constructing it. This is why we use Hard Coated Polystyrene, it’s incredibly strong, durable and long lasting. Our letterboxes can take a ding or two from a car and still look new, tell me that would happen with a traditional letterbox.

Here at High Profile Architectural Mouldings we believe in assisting our clients to turn the imagination into a wonderful creation. Our extensive range of services includes; custom designs, sunhoods and blade awnings, architectural mouldings, and letterboxes imaging how you can make a unique and stunning home with so many design options available. We are expert manufacturers, masters in the art of using lightweight materials to construct durable and beautiful designs. We offer our clients a seven-year replacement warranty, with no warranty claims in over a decade we are the trusted supplier of the building industry.  

We supply, deliver and install, providing our clients with a comprehensive service that is hard to match.  For all your architecturally designed letterbox needs and installations on the Gold Coast, High Profile Architectural Mouldings can assist you with designer letterboxes. Call us for more information on our comprehensive architectural designs.

And remember, if you imagine it, we create it.