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Gold Coast Architectural Columns & Capitols.

Columns and Capitols are a classic architectural feature that have been used throughout history. Architectural columns (or pillars) and capitols have structural elements that provide not only proportional but also decorative aspects. A column is a very important component in any structure and is designed to resist axial and lateral forces transferring them safely to the footings in the ground.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings gives you access to skilled professionals who specialise in creating architectural polystyrene columns, designed from scratch using polyurethane coated polystyrene which has been proven the best for its quality, durability and strength.

Our decorative columns are sculptured from expanded polystyrene using computer-aided technology to create unique shapes which are coated with a polyurethane elastomer giving it a hard coat exterior to seal the elements from damage. Since it’s what they do, our designers can also assist you in choosing which columns can best benefit your home or business, not just structurally, but aesthetically as well. 

While columns are best known and used for structural purposes, they also serve as an ideal way to break up spaces and add an element of design to any area they are included in. It is in choosing the right column for the right space that the real magic happens.  

At High Profile Architectural Mouldings, we have built our reputation on our ability to offer a variety of architectural elements and options to Australians building new homes or those making changes to their existing spaces. Our decorative columns look majestic whether they are complimenting older homes or are integrated into more modern homes just being built. Architectural columns offer endless style and visual to any room. Our custom designed columns can be used to divide large open plan spaces and also add some length to smaller spaces.

It’s no easy feat deciding on what type, style or material of column to choose, so rely on our team to lead the way. We are the Gold Coast specialise in interior and exterior columns and offer customised designs and a wide range of options giving all our clients the ability to match their home or business décor to the polystyrene column they decide on.