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Custom Designs for Any Building or Theming Application.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings can save you time and money by being a single provider for all your architectural requirements. We consider each builder’s design by assisting with articulating their vision. We use only the best products and skilled team, ensuring that we are always giving you, the client, a quality experience from start to finish. We use highly durable hard coasted polystyrene, which is also waterproof, impact-resistant and low maintenance.

Polystyrene is a great replacement for old / traditional mouldings like:

  • Architectural wood moulding
  • Carved decorative wood moulding
  • Decorative timber moulding
  • Cement moulding
  • Ornamental timber moulding
  • Ornamental trim moulding

Below lists our specialist custom design services:

  • Creative Architectural moulding
  • Crown moulding decorative
  • Exterior decorative moulding
  • Exterior cornice moulding
  • Architectural columns

We are experts in making and moulding unique custom theming structures, walls, displays and statues.


  • Movie Sets
  • Staging
  • Statues
  • Rock Walls
  • School Signage
  • Children’s playground – Oversized Pencils, Animals, Mushrooms etc
  • Theme Park Displays
  • Event / Tradeshow Lettering

We are passionate about designing your ideas and bringing your vision to life and creating an extraordinary visual space that matches your sense of taste. Our team of professionals are highly skilled in creating your custom design decoration and effectively installing, repairing or even upgrading your current designs.

High Profile Architectural Moulding’s modern innovative and creative designs are here to assist in creating solutions for your building needs.  We also aim, in all that we do, to protect the environment. Talk to us about Recyclable Polystyrene?

What makes High Profile Architectural Mouldings so unique?

Our team, which is comprised of highly skilled and experienced technicians, have a wide range of diverse skills and experience that’s relevant to the industry. Our professionals can provide and assist you with your custom design requirements for your home or business.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings promises to produce outstanding customised designs which are cost-effective and easily-installed and tailored around your specific needs and lifestyle. Our aim is to help you realise your dream and turn it into reality with the use of technical drawings, construction layouts, site supervision and other tools.

No job is too big, small or complex! Our dedicated team located on the Gold Coast is highly trained with an excellent track record. Feel free to view our gallery featuring our different designs.