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Architectural mouldings are design elements that can instantly enhance any space, elevating exteriors with a unique sense of style and class. These are the architectural details that can sometimes be overlooked by homeowners but can tie together a home visually. in fact, fancy window trim is widely used all over the world to enhance and increase the overall beauty of a house. Similarly, High Profile Architectural Mouldings offers an expansive range of standard and custom architectural cornices & mouldings, décor mouldings and more to transform buildings with added accents.

Our assurance to our clients is that each installation is to your exacting requirements, is completed to a very high standard, while ensuring that all trim and mouldings can withstand varying weather conditions that can weaken. HPAM strives to provide clients with installations that are easy to maintain over time because our 7-year guarantee is strength and durability.

Working exclusively with polystyrene architectural mouldings, the material we use is hard coated which is shockproof and has a minimal weight to it. It is an inherently stable material that allows for unparalleled decorative mouldings and trims, for any design requirement that our clients desire.

We have an expansive portfolio of client projects ranging from exterior feature wall panels, cladding systems, windowsill accents, pillars and columns to mailboxes and decorative door moldings.  We work primarily with residential homes, and our process is simplified, to ensure quick installation with mouldings drawn, cut and coated offsite for clean and fuss free completion that does not inconvenience our clients in any way.

High Profile Architectural Mouldings can bring character to the exteriors of your home and can increase the visual appeal of the property without additional costly renovations, to uplift the face of your home. Not only will this make for a more elegant home, but it will also increase the value of your property too.

We offer both traditional and modern contemporary styles of finishes, to match any look and design style. At High Profile Architectural Mouldings, we offer clients completely customisable décor moulding solutions accompanied with years of experience and a team of skilled professionals who are ready to add a layer of refinement to your home.  For more information on our architectural mouldings service, contact us today to help you with your next project.