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Best Decorative Foam Trim

Best Decorative Foam Trim to Complement Your Home’s Exterior

The best idea that you can implement when it comes to your home’s exterior is matching the outside with the interior so that a sense of inner and outer harmony is achieved. Starting with the front of your home, the trim is the perfect embellishment to tie your vision together. Here are the best decorative trim ideas.

Decorative Foam Trim

First thing’s first, by ‘foam trim’, architectural foam window trim what is meant is that the trim is made from high durability polystyrene. Now that the picture’s become a little clearer, these ideas will depend heavily on your tastes but luckily there is a little something for each decorative pallet. The reason that this material is recommended for mouldings is that its high durability makes it good at protecting anything that it’s added to, as well as, remaining intact for a long period of time without needing maintenance.

Now, on to the perks of having decorative trims added to your home’s exterior. Having decor moulding designs around your home break up the different sections of your house, emphasises windows, decorative door molding, outcroppings, and more. Most of all, decorative trim gives a house some personality and elegance to the structure especially if it’s added according to your taste and the aesthetic that you’re going for.

The Golden Ratio

When working with the team doing your mouldings, be sure that they’re working with a ratio when designing your trim as this will make sure that each addition complements the next while keeping to fundamental rules of house design. This also guarantees balance.

Complement Columns and Walls

You can use decorative mouldings to decorate columns, as well as, possibly decorating a wall that might be absent of an opening or another decorative opening. Be sure to emphasise windows with trim, this does not need to be overly so, just enough to acknowledge the presence of the opening and you’ll notice a major difference. A popular option here is a stepped designed with smooth edges as it makes the windows look neat.

Pilasters are decorative elements that act as a vertical protrusion on walls. These repeat the proportions of the columns and give the feel of the building a touch of antiquity. Architectural columns themselves are sometimes classy additions to a home that come in many classical styles and practical designs. If your home doesn’t have columns, if possible, the addition of these fixtures is known to look great paired with decorative moulding styles.

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