Arch and Keystone

Are you looking to add a bit of character or personality to your homes exterior? Maybe you’re looking for a way to turn your homes entry into an inviting focal point? What better way to do so than with an external arch with beautiful decorative architectural mouldings and a complimentary decorative keystone moulding?  Most of you would be well aware of what an arch is but some may not be too familiar with a keystone. Either way here is a quick refresher on both the terms.


  • An arch is a symmetrical structure (usually taking on a curved shape) spanning an opening.


  • Also referred to as a capsule stone, a keystone is a wedge-shaped stone at the top of an arch.

Based on the above definitions you probably have already gathered that Arches and Keystones go together like peanut butter and jam. An arch often serves the structural purpose of supporting the weight of the roof above it. Traditionally a keystone locks all the stones of the arch together so that it can bare the weight of the arch however, these days they serve more of a decorative purpose. Similarly, arches can also serve a decorative purpose and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior.

Decorative Element of Arches

An arch can draw attention to your front door, creating a grand like entry point to your home and enhancing your curb appeal. They can create a feeling of symmetry which is not only visually appealing but also creates a sense of calm and order. But don’t be mistaken, arches are not limited to the entry way to your home, they can also add an element of architectural design to your backyard, marking the entry way to your garden or establishing an open barrier between your deck and lawn.


Deciding you want to install an arch to an area of your home’s exterior is one thing, but it can be a whole other ball game when it comes down to choosing its design and style. The use of arches can be traced back to as early as the second millennium BC, but this in no way should suggest that they are outdated. If anything, it exemplifies their timeless nature. Throughout history arches have adapted into many different styles including Spanish and Mediterranean, Gothic, French and many more. So, what style will best compliment your home? The answer lays in the existing style of your house. Many homeowners are aware of their house’s history, when it was built, what style it has etc. This is all information that should be specially considered when choosing an arch to compliment your home. For example, if your home is Victorian-Italianate in style roman shaped arches would prove to be suiting. A general tip is to take cues from the existing shapes and features found in your homes style and use these as inspiration when designing your arch.

Benefits of EPS

There are a variety of different materials you could choose to create your arch and keystone, but we recommend using hard-coated expanded polystyrene (EPS) for these architectural mouldings. Along with being durable, light weight and relatively inexpensive, EPS can be moulded into virtually anything meaning its design capabilities are endless. If you think it’s time to invest in your home, then get in touch with the team at or call us at 07 5568 4220 to find out more about arch and keystone architectural mouldings. And remember, if you imagine it, we create it.

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