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Originally designed to support walls and ceilings, columns have become a symbol of luxury. These classic design elements have been incorporated into affluent homes and businesses worldwide despite coming with heavy price tags. But, with no affordable alternative, homeowners either spend big on the columns or opt out of the sale and leave empty handed. This created the need for a less pricey, more practical option and thanks to computer-aided technology, this luxury for some has become a reality for all.

Classic Architecture, Affordable Prices

Natural stones and fine timber were once abundant, but with today’s natural resources dwindling and prices skyrocketing, they’re just not an economical option anymore. Instead, these exquisite columns and capitols are recreated from expanded polystyrene. The discovery of polystyrene as an alternative building material changed construction forever, as it is:

  • Highly adaptable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Damage resistant
  • Non-organic (pest, rot, erosion resistant)
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Recyclable

Besides the obvious benefits, incorporating these polystyrene columns into your home will save you time and money. Coupled with a rapid turnaround, easy installation and almost no maintenance, these columns are as practical as they are beautiful.

Most importantly, using such an adaptable material has allowed manufacturers to create custom columns that are indistinguishable from their traditional counterparts. Better yet, these decorative columns can be sculpted to fit your needs thanks to polystyrene allow for effortless moulding and reshaping! All you need to do is decide on the design.

Enhancing Design With Decorative Columns

Installing CNC cut polystyrene columns brings a host of aesthetic benefits to your home. Like the ancient Greeks, you can turn this structural feature into a refined design element and no one will know that it’s a cheaper material behind that pretty facade! Depending on your décor, choose from various column styles, such as:

  • Tapered
  • Spiralled
  • Fluted
  • Square

Get creative and design custom columns unique to you and your style! Play with modern details, ornamental mouldings, and eye-catching column capitols. Once you’ve created something unique to you, it’s time to put them to use. When choosing the right placement, you can:

  • Form lightwells
  • Create large open-plan spaces
  • Increase length of compact spaces
  • Incorporate focal points
  • Support arches, doorways, mantels

From framing fireplaces, to creating the foundation for bookshelves or art displays, these columns can make an ordinary room an artistic masterpiece! But, don’t take this all on yourself. You need to take a lot into consideration when choosing, customising, and placing your columns. Rather, seek advice from a reputable manufacturer.

Your Convenience, Our Pleasure

Here at High Profile Architectural Mouldings (HPAM), we boast not only an experienced specialist moulding team, but a team of accomplished designers too! These designers are here specifically to help you choose the best columns to match to your home – structurally and aesthetically. No need for help choosing materials, though. Our durable polystyrene columns are coated in polyurethane elastomer and have been dubbed the undisputed best for quality, durability, and strength.

So, do yourself a favour and let us help you make your dream home a reality – without breaking the bank! Contact us today at or call us for more information on our product line at 07 5568 0036.