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Consistently designed architectural features of your home will not only add potential value to your home, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Styling your home on the inside is easy, however, styling the exterior of your house can be a bit more challenging, especially if you have a tight budget. But rest assured, it can be done! How you may be wondering? The answer to your question is a 3-letter acronym: EPS.

What is EPS

When you google ‘EPS’ the first thing that comes up in the search engine is Earnings Per Share but our solution to your problem isn’t by making profit from investments in the stock market. The EPS we are talking about is very different (and a lot more stable and reliable if you ask us). It stands for hard-coated expanded polystyrene (EPS). EPS is the material we use here at HPAM to make most of our architectural mouldings and believe us when we say it is AMAZING.

This material is highly durable and shock proof, easily withstanding harsh weather conditions and comes with a 7-year guarantee saving you costs down the track as you won’t need to pay for repairs after that summer storm which feels like a category 5 cyclone. It is light weight meaning it can easily be fitted on walls without added structural support and making it quick and easy to install. The EPS in itself is relatively inexpensive compared to other alternative materials (another saved cost). Lastly, and what we believe to be its best feature, EPS can easily be moulded to create and match any design. When we say any design, we mean ANY design. We can replicate styles from magazines, create one of a kind custom design and even make it look like different materials such as wood or sandstone.


eps creat 150x150 - Make Your Home’s Design Consistent Using EPS to Create a Consistent Style for Your House

The design capabilities of EPS are basically endless! This means we can custom design it to match the existing theme of your home or work with you to design and create a new unique style of your dream home.


But where to start? A simple, and relatively easy way to create a feeling of consistency and style for your home’s exterior is by installing window seals and architrave’s which complement each other and create contrast to the external walls of your house. You could even go the extra mile and also install mid banding and sun hoods to further match your windows. For those of you who are not too familiar with all the architectural terms we have created the diagram below to help you out.

eps2 150x150 - Make Your Home’s Design Consistent

Here at High Profile Architectural Moldings, the design possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it then we can create it. Enhance your homes’ exterior and boost your property value with external architectural moldings made from EPS. It has been over ten years since we introduced our 7-year replacement warranty and to this day have still not received a claim. If that’s not proof of our product’s high quality and durability, then we don’t know what is.

Visit HPAM online today to view a full list of our services. Our team experts in home exteriors on the Gold Coast. Get in touch with us today at info@highprofilemouldings.com.au  or call 07 5568 4220 and start planning the creation of your dream home design.


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