What is Architectural Moulding?

Welcome to the world of lightweight architectural mouldings. So, what are architectural mouldings?

Over the years fashions have changed and many homes have been stripped of original design features. Traditional methods, like plaster, stone or wood are heavy and time consuming to produce and fit. 

High Profile Architectural Mouldings are made from lightweight, durable, and simple to face fix polystyrene. Hard coated for durability, the mouldings offer superior performance to withstand the harsh Australian climate. 

So, what are they and why would you want to add them to your home exterior? 

From outside wall mountings and cornice to sunhoods, window surrounds and columns the architectural mouldings at HPAM offer quick, long lasting design features to your home or office. 

Whatever your chosen look, the decorative mouldings from HPAM are made from lightweight materials that replicate traditional methods, adding stunning architectural features to your home.  

You can save yourself a lot of money by avoiding the usual site damage associated with other materials as the mouldings can be installed during or after construction by your builder or carpenter. 

Benefits to you 

High Profile Architectural Moulding eliminates expensive transport, labour, lifting and handling equipment costs as well as interruptions from your building programme. It is quick and easy to fit, and the savings multiply at every stage. 

Exterior cornice, blade awnings, columns, sunhoods, and letterboxes are just some of the choices available. 

Need something else? No problem our team can design custom creations for doors and windows to fences and more! 

Your home is your pride and joy, it reflects your personality. Discover how High Profile Architectural Mouldings can improve the look and feel of your property. Visit our website today or give us a call on (07) 5568 0036 

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