beadings and mouldings

If you’re someone that can appreciate the bright and clean finish that wood moulding brings to a space then you’re in luck. You won’t need to sacrifice the durability of your mouldings to achieve the aesthetic that timber and other woods achieve because high durability polystyrene can be designed just this way.

Different Decorative Moulding Designs

The idea behind adding decorative polystyrene mouldings to your space is that they provide the finishing touch that you may not have known that you needed. You will also be given the chance to add traditional flair that screams class in any room. There are different types of designs to choose from here including:

  • Reed Mould
  • Dado
  • Cover Mould
  • Double Astragal
  • Broken Ogee
  • Panel Moulding

Thanks to wood-like mouldings like high durability polystyrene, your mouldings will be sturdier and damage-resistant than typical wood finishing. All you’ll need to worry about is cleaning, no other maintenance and upkeep is necessary day-to-day as the material will be doing the protecting and cover-up work for you.


A commonly used architectural wood moulding that polystyrene can be designed to look like is scotia. This is wooden moulding that is often a great finishing touch to wooden flooring job. Another use for this moulding is to disguise rough joins or gaps in the home. This is a great excuse to decorate and cover-up at the same time.

Timber Quadrant

This kind of moulding can either be used as a decorative mould to add more style and definition to a space or as another way of covering up and unsightly expansion gaps around outdoor wood flooring. The kinds of wood that polystyrene can be moulded against include:

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Light hardwood
  • Red hardwood

Covers And Coving

This is the perfect way to conceal edges of chipboard and other sheet materials, as well as, being perfect for finishing shelving and surface tops.

There are various options here and these are just some ideas that wood-like moulding can take care of your interior home décor.

If you’re considering the value that the addition of carved decorative wood mouldings can bring to your space, contact HPAM today at 07 5568 0036 or to get guaranteed expert advice and installation.