Why Timber Is No Longer The Option B.D - Top 5 Reasons Why Timber Is No Longer The Optimal Decorative Moulding And Why Polystyrene Is

While timber used to be the material of choice when it came to decorative mouldings; polystyrene moulding is rising on the popularity scale for several reasons. When it comes to profiled external architraves, columns, capitols, cornices, soffits, and other decorative mouldings for the exterior of your home, polystyrene is clearly the right choice.

Need some convincing? Here are our top 5 reasons why polystyrene beats timber!

It’s Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Back in the day, ornamental timber mouldings was plentiful. Back in the day trees were too. However, with continued efforts to save limited forestry, and the planet at large, and with most in this field now opting for sustainable, eco-friendly materials, it’s no wonder polystyrene is becoming the go-to material these days. Why? Well because polystyrene is eco-friendly and it’s sustainable too.

It’s Cost-Effective

When you’re looking to install new decorative mouldings or revamp out-dated ones, the last thing you want to do is get decorating at a heavy cost. As we all know, timber comes with a hefty price tag, so instead opt for cheaper, but still effective materials such as polystyrene which does the job right and at half the price.

It’s Light Weight and Easy To Install

If you’ve ever tried to install timber decorative mouldings, you’ll know it’s heavy to install and time-consuming. And who wants to wait for ages until their new decorative moulding is installed? Well, no one. Fortunately for those opting for polystyrene mouldings, time is not a problem and effort isn’t either. Since polystyrene is lightweight, this material is very easy to install.

It’s Hard Coated for Longevity

Decorative mouldings need to stand the test of time. They need to provide aesthetic decoration for a long time. Therefore, don’t use timber. Wood is composed of composites which don’t age well, and this material is more susceptible to mould, rot, and the list goes on. Rather use polystyrene which comes hard-coated, ensuring long-lasting, durable decorative mouldings.

It Has Recyclable Qualities 

Recycling is all the rage now, and you can be a part of this movement by opting for polystyrene decorative mouldings. Yes, if you didn’t know by now, polystyrene is recyclable! It also assists in the reduction of landfill issues.

So, with these five benefits, you’re probably convinced to go with polystyrene instead of timber. If not, contact us for more benefits as well as any other information or services regarding polystyrene decorative mouldings.

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