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Its nearly that time of the year where your letterbox starts overflowing with Christmas cards and all the other mail you receive during the festive season. It’s safe to say the holiday season is by far the busiest time for a mailbox. So, what better time to give your letterbox a face lift or upgrade than now so that it’s ready by the time peak season comes around.

Why You Should Invest in a Quality Letterbox
Many people tend to believe that mailboxes are a thing from the past with the internet changing the way we receive mail. Mailboxes are still an important element that everyone should consider as a key feature of their house. Homeowners often overlook their mailbox when deciding on things to invest in to enhance the curb appeal of their house. You may be thinking “is the time and money involved in upgrading or enhancing a letterbox really worth it?”. The answer is yes! Why? Well, on a functional level it has the important job of keeping all your letters, and other important documents that get delivered via post, safe. Without it there would be chaos! Lost bills here, missed letters there, and next thing you know your great aunt Karen has taken you out of her will because you never responded to her heart felt Christmas cards. It also serves as an address plaque. I’m sure we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than not being able to find someone’s house, slowly driving up and down the street whilst the neighbours look at you like you’re some kind of creeper. The best way to avoid all this drama is by investing in a quality mailbox. But your letterbox also serves a decorative purpose! It’s the first thing people see on your street and what people notice when looking at your house. It can complement your home’s façade and add a hint of character or quirk, even if the rest of the house is relatively plain.

What to Consider When Designing your Letterbox

It’s always a good idea to use your homes exterior as a starting point when coming up with design ideas for your letterbox. Consider the theme and style that is already being portrayed through other external elements such as the trims and other architectural decorative mouldings. Colour is another important aspect to consider. If your house is white with light trims then a coloured letterbox would fit in perfectly, another idea is using the colours and feel of your garden as inspiration.

Now that we’ve covered the aesthetical side of things let’s discuss materials! A common choice is using metal because it’s an easy option and is usually readily available. However metal letterboxes are quick to rust which not only ruins their aesthetic but also makes them rickety. There’s also the popular choice of wood but this can be quick to rot and also be expensive. Other options include brick or concrete however these are very limited in their design choices. So, how do you choose? Well, there is one material that hasn’t been mentioned that stands out amongst the rest. This material is durable and can easily withstand the harsh weather conditions Australia is known for. It won’t rot or rust. It is light weight and relatively inexpensive. Best of all, its design capabilities are almost endless meaning it can easily be moulded to match any style you like, making your vision come to life. This magical material we are talking about is Hard Coated Polystyrene otherwise known as EPS. It’s what we use to make all of our products out of, from sunhoods and blade awnings to columns and capitols, because of its strength and durability. We are so confident in its abilities that we offer a 7-year replacement warranty on all our products and over a decade later, we have never received a claim.

For all your architecturally designed home exterior needs and installations on the Gold Coast, High Profile Architectural Mouldings can assist you with designer creations. Contact us today at or call us at 07 5568 0036.

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