exterior door decorative molding

Are you considering adding expanded polystyrene mouldings to beautify your home, but aren’t sure how well it will hold up? It’s true that the sometimes very harsh seasonal weather conditions can cause doubts and make you hesitant in making that investment, but there isn’t anything to worry about. Put your worries to rest and let us explain!

  1. It’s A Lifetime Investment

Expanded polystyrene will not degrade over time. It doesn’t rust, rot or expand and it doesn’t attract any organic lifeforms that can damage or tarnish it, be it moss or mould. Due to its extreme durability and longevity, expanded polystyrene is one material that you won’t need to worry about replacing or repairing. Your mouldings will be fixtures up until you decide to change the style of your home’s exterior, of course. You’re adding an investment to your house by upgrading its exterior, adding a stylish and unique finish, with the appearance of your home increasing in appeal.

  1. Seasonal Changes Aren’t A Problem At All

In terms of temperature tolerance, EPS will endure most seasonal conditions without any issues, as it has a temperature tolerance of anywhere between -50 and 240 degrees Celsius. No matter if it’s a scorching summer day or a cold winter’s night, your decorative, hard-coated EPS mouldings will remain in as good a condition as when they were installed. So, whether you’re installing sunhoods, columns or capitols, letterboxes or architectural mouldings. Feel rest-assured that your investment is durable and can withstand the Australian seasons.

  1. It’s Extremely Light, And Easy To Install

From transporting to lifting and fitting it, EPS is one of the most convenient, simplified construction materials that exist in the world. Its low weight-to-size ratio makes it extremely light to carry, install and won’t be too heavy that it’s falling off the exterior of the exterior of your house like a painting falling off the wall. We work with your needs! And if you’re located between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and surrounding areas, we can install it for you! Making it even easier for you! So all you have to do is sit back and admire your house!

  1. It’s An Affordable Way To Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic

Renovations aren’t cheap and having to change your house’s style and appearance tends to involve tedious construction processes and a great deal of time. Sometimes just painting the house and refinishing the front door doesn’t increase your homes aesthetic. With EPS hard-coated mouldings, you can transform your home into exactly what you are dreaming of, without paying an excessive amount. And without having to worry about maintenance costs down the road. Not only that, but the revamped exterior of your home will surely raise the overall sales value of your property as well if you plan to sell in the future. Do you have a dream style for your home, contact HPAM today! Cause if you can dream it, we can create it.

Are you interested in finding out how your home can be given a makeover with EPS hard-coated exterior decorative molding, and weatherproof your residence? Contact us today at 07 5568 0036 or email us at info@highprofilemouldings.com.au for advice on how we can best help you in building a unique look for your home.