How To Pick A Decorative Moulding B.N - How to Pick a Decorative Architectural Moulding

We all have a vision of what our dream houses look like, from the colour of paint outside to what roof tiles are installed. Installing the perfect decorative architectural moulding will add personality to your home and transform its aesthetics. They are an affordable method of adding structural awareness to blank spaces. The decorative frame will increase the value of the house and add visual appeal to its interior. It will also provide a sense of warmth in the home and add character to a you eaves and architraves, providing a refined yet powerful impact. Here are a few examples of indoor mouldings that can inspire you when you’re ready to give the exterior your house a facelift.


This type provides a visually appealing and textural feel to windows and doorways by creating a frame around them. Not only are they decorative but also cover the joint where door frame and wall meet, including subsequent cracks that may occur as a result of movement between the two.


It is one of the most common decorative mouldings, and it creates a sophisticated shift where the ceiling and the wall meet.  It draws one’s eye up and enhances the height of the room. The details will depend on what you like.  Take note: the bigger the room is, and the higher its ceiling, the wider the cornice must be.

Picture rails

This moulding runs horizontally across the wall, beneath and parallel to the cornice. It should be installed in line with the top of the door and window frames.  They are perfect for those who want to hang frames but don’t want to hammer nails In the walls.

These are just ideas of decorative architectural moulding that can increase the value of your home and make it more beautiful. Choosing which to have in your home all depends on what you’re going for as well as the structure of your home. If you need help installing quality exterior moulding on the Gold Coast, then High Profile Architectural Moulding are the experts for you. With almost a decade of experience in the industry, we have been supplying the best exterior decorative mouldings to the building industry.


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